Keep your eyes on God.  

There is an invisible enemy bent towards thwarting you from all that God has for you. He will do any and everything to destroy, or get you to destroy, what you've been given and trusted with. An amazing attribute of God is how He takes the ashes, defies the science of our logic and creates beauty from the perils of life... both the "large" and "small". If we are distracted we can miss an aurora borealis or sorts. Once we take our eyes off of God we miss the tapestries of beauty he is weaving in plain sight. We sense unintended anxiety, confusion and spend time trying to concoct a solution when everything we need is saturated in the act of locking our spiritual eyes onto Jesus'.

Read His Word.

Pause and pray.

Go and pray. 

Tell the thoughts they don't belong to you. 



Recall His faithfulness. 


Be Quiet. 

Shout it from the rooftops. 

Take the day off. 

Get back to Work. 

Believe Again. 

Whatever you do do not take your eyes off of Him.

With 💙,


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