I have to start off by saying "thank you!" Thank you for welcoming me back so warmly and allowing me to share in the journey of your lives from 7,973 miles away. I am sure the time leading up to your graduation has and will be filled with wisdom, gifts, excitement and maybe even fear of the unknown. I would like for you to know that what you are feeling has been felt before. It has been survived before and because of that you will be stronger than before. Please don’t ever forget that you deserve the best. Not only because you will be a graduate of OWLAG, but because it is your right as a young woman.  Sometimes the “best” may not be the most luxurious option and it may stretch the limits of your humility, but it will be safest for you spiritually and physically.

My hearts prayer is that you never forget that you are loved. I flew down to celebrate with you and regardless of whether I get to sit and spend time with each of you individually I hope that you see the value in your presence. One of the fundamental principles I live by is that from time to time the best thing for us to do in life is to show up and be present. It may be through a phone call, a surprise visit, or giving a listening ear. So, my little sisters, don’t forget to "be present" and "show up" as you journey through this next season of life. This blog is not much, but it is my way of "showing up."  You will be happy to know that you and your OWLAG sisters inspired me to start blogging and helped fuel my dream of creating "Be Inspired Again." You are lovely and this is how I know that you are equipped to walk through the joy's and challenges that are ahead of you. 

Be Inspired. Again.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sis Jazz