We are featuring some of our favorite women and what inspires them. Our first guest writer is Rachel Watson. Enjoy!

I recently did a three day fast. It was one of the hardest yet liberating things I’ve ever done. I wanted to challenge myself in a way I hadn’t before, and I also wanted to hear from God in a way I hadn’t before. I felt my body was at its weakest, and yet, my spirit never felt more alive. Every time I felt desperate for food, I went to the feet of Jesus. It was my saving grace, the place I went to get nourished and restored. I was completely satisfied just resting at his feet. There was so much clarity, understanding, and joy there. And he filled me up every single time; all I needed to do was to close my eyes, and there was peace.

On the morning of the third day fasting, the physical pain was almost unbearable. I literally put my head down on the table and sobbed… In that moment, the Holy Spirit whispered these words to me,

“No more striving Rachel

It’s ok

I see you

You can be done now… continue if you want

But just know, I see you

I always have and always will even when you can’t see yourself

Your full surrender, I see it

I know you want more of Me

Even when it looks different than what you think it should look like

I see it, I see you

It’s ok… breathe

I’ve got it from here

Rest. See Me. Face to face”

In that moment, God invited me on a new journey to discover His GRACE. His infinite, majestic, glorious grace that our human minds can’t even begin to comprehend. My question to you is this: His hand is out stretched in front of you, will you grab hold of it? Maybe He’s also inviting you on a journey of rediscovery. A journey of coming back to, of relearning something that we forget as we get older, as we remember less and less of what our home in heaven is like. I pray that God speaks to you in the coming days, hours, and minutes. I pray that you have an encounter with the most high God that loves you deeply, and has a grace filled journey waiting for you to experience in a new way. No more striving, just rest, peace, and a desperation to see Jesus.

Great faith does not grow through great striving
Great faith comes in response to great surrender.
— Bill Johnson