I walked to the window and there it was. A hummingbird. Hovering. I had only seen them in pictures  and this made the day even more exciting. I did not know if I should run to try and get my camera or if it would fly away once I yelled for someone in the house to come. I decided to run and get either my camera or a witness, I can't remember, and when I returned it was gone.

It was the moment God's voice got louder. The moment I learned the value of taking it all in. Each and every moment like a savory piece of cotton candy.

Several months earlier I applied to my dream school, Spelman College. After spending summers in Atlanta with my aunt and realizing that all of the fabulous women I met were Spelman women, I knew that's where I needed to be. At my high school graduation I still hadn't heard back from Spelman/s admissions office, but I was confident. This was clearly the place for me. Some time later I received a "wait list" letter and I was devastated. It was like all of my hopes and dreams were flushed down the toilet. All of the faith and convincing other people was in vain. My younger brother in an effort to help me get some chill, reminded me that it wasn't a no and that I needed to relax. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. 

Months went by and I turned down offers for family to help me apply for other schools. I decided Again and Again and Again to believe that I would be at Spelman. I had the money (another mind blowing story) and the support from my family, I just needed that acceptance letter. I prayed and fasted. Waited, replied to people that I was going to Spelman and it was always my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.

One day while sitting at Olive Garden with my mom, I received a phone call from a woman who has since been like a guardian angel. She asked me if I was sitting down and continued to congratulate me. It was an emotion I can't begin to describe. It was a mile stone in my faith journey and I've been trusting God for any and everything ever since.

The day I saw that first hummingbird I was moving into my dorm room at Spelman. It was the day my dream was coming true and my decision to be inspired to believe again made life seem surreal. I knew that the beauty of that first moment with a humming bird was symbolic for my first moments on that college campus. God was making each moment more beautiful than the last and each experience with His Glory more penetrating than before.

I've had so many experiences with hummingbirds since then, but I will share them in due time. Today, remember to believe again.